View Full Version : Album Refresh - NAS - Laptop

2006-08-31, 14:44
I have a NAS with my music on plus slimserver, and use my laptop to view the web interface only to refress the track list etc.

Once i have pressed refresh do i need to leave my laptop on or can i leave the nas to do the refresh?

Ross L
2006-08-31, 17:08
If SlimServer is running on the NAS, once you've got your music how you want it you don't need to have your notebook on. You might want the notebook on to get access to SlimServer, but you can always use the remote!

What do you mean "do the refresh"?

2006-09-01, 00:35
After adding more tracks and in this case adding album art.

Mark Lanctot
2006-09-02, 10:56
You'll have to rescan. It's a manual process.

You don't need your laptop on for that, it's a function of SlimServer which you have running on your NAS. However a rescan is an intensive process, you may have difficulties playing music and getting the web page up with it running.