View Full Version : chumby: a possible touchscreen wifi remote?

2006-08-30, 17:06
it's got a 3.5" touchscreen @ 320x240, wifi, two speakers, audio in/out and usb.




Ross L
2006-08-30, 17:42
Very cool. Says MSRP $150, that seems very reasonable for all that functionality.

2006-08-30, 17:58
Very cool. Says MSRP $150, that seems very reasonable for all that functionality.

yeah, unfortunately it seems it is itself not really wireless. the internal battery only lasts up to an hour...
but with the speakers, wifi and touchscreen, it could be a sort of alarm clock and squeezebox in one, a squeezebox with touchscreen...

ahhh... the possibilities :)


Mark Lanctot
2006-08-30, 20:49

I love the total hackability aspect. Plus the USB port, I wonder what you could put on there... :-)

One hour battery life though, ugh. But for $150, not bad.

Hope it makes it out of the U.S. before the decade is out, unlike the Nokia 770 which *still* isn't available in anything but key markets.

I also hope it doesn't fizzle out like other cute/cool gadgets that prove too cute or cool to be useful.

2006-09-01, 18:10
seems like the "widgets" will be coded in flash. don't know how much you can code in flash to enable, say, squeezenetwork funtionality... yummy!

2006-09-01, 22:12
I found out about this device a few days ago and I would it to be able to control my squeezebox. I am setting up for squeezebox as a whole house audio system and therefore will be controlling the whole thing via PC and not really touching the device itself. If I could get a bedside remote it would be great. Right now I have to use my laptop to change music, and my wife still hasn't figured out how to control it 100% (She only knows how to start her favorite playlist and control volume.)


Wow... that was a long ramble that contributed nothing. Sorry.