View Full Version : ShoutCast internet radio and non-default skins

2006-08-29, 09:19
Hi all,

I'm using 6.3.1, with the "Dark" skin, with the Firefox browser in WinXP. I click on "ShoutCast Internet Radio", then "By Genre", then pick a genre. If I then go to the desired station and click on the "add to playlist" or "play" controls, the right frame goes blank. If I do a "This Frame", "Reload Frame" in Firefox, it does not refresh. I can make it refresh by doing a "reload", but then the left frame goes back to the home page rather than remaining at the previous one.

I was going to report this as a bug. I did a quick search and couldn't find a match, but there may be someone more familiar with what's been reported that could shed more light and/or has a bug number if it is a known bug.

I can try this with the latest 6.5 beta if any of the developers think it would help. I have experience as a software developer, so I'm familiar with how to write a good bug report and so forth.

My situation is this - my vision is not very good, and I use a laptop with a display that's not very big to control the SB. The default skins have some of the text as graphics, so such text does not scale as I enlarge the fonts in my browser. This has led me to experiment with basically all the non-default skins. Many of these have minimal graphics and work much better than the default skin when large fonts are chosen in the browser. The least buggy I've found so far is "Dark". However, this one bug with ShoutCast is giving me some trouble.

Soooo, if input regarding the non-default skin behavior in the 6.5 beta is desired, I can install that version and write the bug reports against 6.5. Is that the best course of action, or should I report it against 6.3.1?


2006-08-29, 11:45
I just installed the 6.5 beta and it seems to have fixed this problem. When selecting the station to play it, the right pane goes blank for about 2 or 3 seconds, but then it does refresh.

So this is cool! Updating to the 6.5 beta essentially fixed my only concern. I am a happy camper now :)