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2006-08-29, 06:27
hello everybody.
i have just joined this forum after reading a few things, and liked the help people were able to give.

i bought a DS-106 a few weeks ago, and i think it is great.
quiet, easy to access.
i do have plans on getting a UPnP media player to get more usage out of the DS.

now, all my questions come from my lack of knowledge of linux and the way thing run on the DS.
how am i able to look on the DS and get more of an understanding??
how do i install more software or modules?
what other modules exist?
how do i change the setting to how the download server operates?

i probably have more, but that should do for now :)

thanks for your help

2006-08-29, 11:16
Although there is a lot of info here about the Synology, it is specifically about getting SlimServer installed and running on the box, not a general Synology discussion forum.

2006-08-30, 02:35

@funkstar: RTFM.

i.e. check the relevant section in the README.txt of SSODS. There is a mailing list, a wiki and there are forums (or sections in diverse forums). Use google.