View Full Version : NAS -> Multiple Squeezebox's

2006-08-28, 06:42
Can you run multiple squeezebox's off a single slimserver installed nas, and if so how many can be connected and not many can be run at once?

2006-08-28, 07:07
Yes, but several simultaneous players means higher demand on the server so you ought to have all music in the format you send to the SB and don't convert on-the-fly.

2006-08-28, 08:35
You could probably get loads connected at one time, especially if none of them are playing. If you had the screen completely turned off when is 'standby' the server is only really waiting for a device to wake up when the power button is pushed and is doing very little else.

Really depends on what NAS box you are looking at though (remember, the original NAS systems were high end storage server with dual or quad processors running server software - Windows2000 Server for example. So not all NAS boxes are created equal). Iĉm assuming you mean a consumer oriented device like a Qnap TS-101, Linkstation, Diskstation, etc though.

EDIT: The Qnap TS-101 can handle two seperate SB3s listening to two seperate AlienBBC streams (this is ecoding RealAudio and encoding it to FLAC) at the same time, so doing something less processor intensive is going to be much easier. If your collecting is in MP3 i would guess you could have half a dozen devices playing seperate playlists. FLAC files are going to be more demanding, not on the processor, but on the network bandwidth. Your guess is as good as mine right now on the number of devices playing.

2006-08-28, 08:37
Yeah, a linkstation2

2006-08-28, 09:06
with multiple boxes running at the same time. I only use 2 at the same time though, I don't know how many it can handle. You need to turn off some of the extraneous services on the terrastation though to make it perform faster.


2006-08-28, 17:31
Yes you can! I run 2 off my server at one time. I have them synced so that they both play the same thing at the same time. I have one downstairs connected to my office steroe and the other upstairs in the living room stereo.

2006-08-30, 01:12
I have a Linkstation II and have run SqueezeBox and SoftSqueeze simultaneously while playing separate flac streams. There didn't seem to be a problem.
However, given the the limitations of such a low-power NAS device, I wouldn't expect any more favours from this kind of set-up.

2006-08-30, 04:20
I've run 2 SqueezeBoxes plus SoftSqueeze on a LinkStation HG, which has more RAM and a faster processor than the MIPS versions. Most of my collection is FLAC. Synchronization is hit or miss, depending as much on overall network traffic as on the power of the NAS (e.g., sync'ing often improves if I switch off non-slimserver computers with wireless connections). I would bet it could support 4-5 SBs as long as they were separate streams.