View Full Version : QNAP TS-101 data security

2006-08-28, 05:16
I'm thinking about getting a TS-101 but I'd really like to know how much confidence existing users have in it to maintain their data.

I've read a few worrying posts on here about people losing data which doesn't inspire me with confidence! :)

How does Q-RAID 1 stand up as a backup feature? Is there any way to read the data off the mirror disk if the TS-101 dies?

Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.


2006-08-28, 06:10
I don't see how a TS-101 is any less reliable than any other single disk based product? I have a TS-101 and it is fantastic for what I use it for. The main funtion is as a Slimserver, but it also provides network storage for each member of the family, a software repository, a picture repository. In addition I use the NetBak replicator to maintain an up to date copy of data from PCs and Laptops in the house on the NAS.

I am eagerly awaiting more news on the QNAP TS-101 "slave" which is a caddy in the same style as the TS-101 but provides eSATA connectivity to the main unit and allows QRAID. Either that or I might go straight for a TS-201, depedning how silent it is.

From what I have read about QRAID you just take the disk out of the failed unit and plug in the QRAID second disk and power on.

2006-08-28, 10:07
I don't remember any posts of people losing data....

Although I'm also waiting for the 'slave' as I'd like some sort of backup (just in case :-) )