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2006-08-27, 23:47
Hi - I am in the UK and I have now had my SB3 for just over a week - I have bought it only for internet radio. I have a wireless (belkin - about 2 years old) network + IBM T22 Lap Top (windows XP) connected by wireless to the router. The SB3 is connected to a Hi Fi in the Kitchen - 2 rooms away - signal strength is not a problem. I have ADSL Max.

I have been very impressed with the radio stations (mainly Jazz) I now have access to.

However, I have a problem - I have tried looking at the other threads but nothing seems to match my experience.

I have had a week off work and have been doing a lot of DIY - hence the chance for some continuous listening to the SB3.

In the morning everything is fine - come 1:00ish PM UK time (I think this is 6:00 AM US time) things start going wrong - all of a sudden the the SB just stops - it says it playing but it isn't, the only way to get it going is to hit the play button on the remote - it then says it is connecting, buffering and off we go again - for about 30 mins then it stoips again - then the period between stops get shorter - on one particularly bad day I couldn't get through a track without it stopping....grrrgh. Same on all the stations I tried.

Is this typical? Is it because I am listening to US internet radio stations and when the US wakes up it impacts on the datastreams? You will have guessed by now I am not a techy. One other thought, is the poor old belkin working overtime using wireless for both the lap top and the SB3? Perhaps the slightest glitch in the signal is causing it to stall?

I have tried "On XP, it's often handy to know what error is logged by the windows Event Viewer. This is in the Control Panel, under Administrative Tools. Slimserver errors will be in the Applications section." There are no messages.

I get a similar probelem on AlienBBC - on some shows (Listen Again) no problems, but on others - it can just stop as above or the sound is garbled. However, I think these are a different problem.

I am getting 3-4 Meg download speed via an ADSL Speed checker.

I have reloaded all software.

Any ideas anyone please?



2006-08-28, 02:01
I'm also in the UK and on Max (with speed test results very similar to yours), but my experience is different. Normally speaking, I can listen to streams hosted in the US on my SB3 all day without a glitch. On the face of it, the symptoms you describe sound like congestion at the ISP or the local exchange. I would doubt that you have a wireless issue (although you could connect temporarily with an ethernet cable just to rule this out).

Which ISP and exchange are you on currently (mine is Nildram / Maidstone) ?

2006-08-28, 04:46
Thanks Adam - I use BT internet @ am served off of Mortimer -Reading. It is good to know you get a consistent stream.

I will contact my ISP to see if there is any congestion in my area.

Do you use AlienBBC at all? I would be interested to hear of your experiences.


2006-08-29, 13:08
I am a US expat living in the UK with 5 SB3s. I listen to US stations (NPR mostly) and do not have your problem. I have indeed had problems with wireless systems though. I have discarded 3 wireless routers trying to solve it. (It is also possible neighbor's interference is causing problems at that time of day too.)

When you next have problems, try playing the radio station from your computer or moving the SB3 where you can connect it with CAT5 and see if it works ok. If it is a wireless, it will also affect any computer streamed audio to a greater extent, so try that. Might also try testing the internet speed at those times to see if it is a provider problem. I use ADSLguide.co.uk and get more like 800kbps and have no problems with radio ever.

From my experience, running through a few of these rock solid UK walls is pushing it for wireless. Signal strength is very misleading, the SB3 needs a constant data rate and all you see is an average signal strength. I think wireless got a fair reputation from the US where they use stick construction. It don't work so well over here. I threw them away and use Homeplug.

2006-08-29, 13:46
Thanks Dennis - I will try that - however, I now believe I have a spurious ADSL connection problem - today has been dreadful - back at work and the network has been on and off all day - bizarrely worse in the afternoon, but it is now OK again this evening. Because I have been using the phone a lot - the ADSL disconnection is preceded by a build up of noise on the line - 15 - 30 secs later the connection goes - the line goes real noisy, then the connection comes back after about a minute and the noise dissappears again - often the computer thinks the connection has gone, but the router lights show I am still connected - weird - an engineer is coming out tommorrow. I hope fixing the ADSL connection will clear my SB3 problems as well.

I wish now I had waited a day before starting this thread :-( And to think I blamed you all over there for getting up and tuning into internet radio - will America ever forgive me :-)

We are getting there on Timber Frame build - when the UK first used it the building industry didn't quite get it right and Timber Frames received some really bad press. However, the tide is starting to turn as a result of us become more ecologically aware. There is still a strong mindset, though, that solid houses are better.

2006-08-30, 05:42
Are you sure you have dsl filters in everything?


2006-08-30, 12:17
Thanks Craig - yes I have.

2006-09-02, 09:23
I had similar trouble with internet radio before i changed my ISP.
Some things to try, connect adsl modem to the master telephone socket with filter, and try slimserver 6.5b as it allows you to increace the buffering.