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Ian Crockford
2003-12-04, 07:32

I'm pressing and holding FF in order to start the fast forward scanning,
then I press Play to resume normal playback. The progress bar moves at 2x
speed when forwarding at 2x, but when I hit Play, it jumps drastically to
near the end of the track.


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Hi Ian,

It shouldn't do that. Can you tell me exactly the button presses you
are doing to make this happen?


On Dec 3, 2003, at 4:50 PM, Ian Crockford wrote:

> Does anyone else suffer from less-than-useful fast forward / reverse
> since 5.0.0? I'm finding that although the music skips along more
> smoothly than it did under 4.x.x during fast forward, when normal
> speed is resumed the track jumps forward by a massive amount,
> sometimes past the end of the current track and on to the next one. I
> like the improved smoothness whilst scanning the music, but not so
> keen on the "lucky-dip" afterwards.
> Generally, though, I like "SlimServer", so good work guys!