View Full Version : RadioTime Update

2006-08-27, 11:43
Has anyone else tried the new RadioTime feature in the beta 6.5b edition ? I been finding most of the radio streams working very well. There is probalby 10 or 20 % radio streams not working for one reason or another. RadioTime.com has disabled other audio formats such as real audio, etc. not to show up during browsing or searches for radio stations. I think RadioTime is a great enhancement to Squeezebox we should all thank Andy for adding this feature. Andy has mentioned that RadioTime will also be available in the next upgrade for Squeezebox Network.
Thanks again Andy!

2006-08-27, 16:36
I suspect my post here http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=26713 (post #6) is likely point to the source of your problems. To confirm/deny, try opening the stream that doesn't work in Windows Media Player. If it works, check properties, get the url of the stream and use that in the Slimserver Tune In URL replacing http with mms. If that works, then the issue is the windows media headers.