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Mike Meyer
2006-08-26, 16:47
Hi guys.

Just wanted to post this and see if I could get some help or if it is a known problem. I'm using the latest nightly build for Windows XP. When using the "Sort By Artist, Album" (or Artist, Year, Album) in the dropdown, my artists aren't following the alphabet at the top. For instance, if I click on the letter A, I see the artists starting with numbers (which is fine), the letter A, and then a few starting with B on the same page. At the top, only the numbers and letter A are in bold. This pattern continues down the alphabet. So when I click on T there are no artists because they are on the M page. Basically they are all shifting up the alphabet. I use Fishbone as my skin but it happens on all the skins I tried except Touch. Not sure what the difference is there.

It doesn't happen in Fishbone on the build from 8/1 but I've tried several builds since then and it happens everytime. I have FLAC's and MP3's.

I have tried to debug but wasn't sure what flags to set. I used sql, info, scan and artwork but nothing jumped out at me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

2006-08-26, 17:14

Mike Meyer
2006-08-26, 17:39
Thanks kdf.