View Full Version : New version of SoftSqueeze

2006-08-25, 18:17
I've been using the new version of SoftSqueeze that ships with the latest 6.5 nightlies. Very, very nice, especially the new Transporter interface.

Anyway, does anyone know how to move or close the remote? On the old version, the right mouse button could be used to drag the remote separately from the device. Also, the remote could be closed. Neither of these functions seem to be available. I realize that this is an alpha version and these features may have not been implemented yet, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't just missing something obvious. The remote is so big that it often ends up displaying right overtop the device and, even when it doesn't, it's generally in the way. Thanks.

2006-08-25, 18:25
I know it's Cmd-Drag on a Mac, so I guess Ctrl-Drag or Alt-Drag on Windows/Linux. I'm not sure how to close it either though. :)

2006-08-25, 20:47
Ctrl did the trick. Thanks Andy.

I guess I can do without the close button, since the remote can be dragged off-screen with out getting lost. Since it's anchored to the device, you can position it below the device and then anchor the Transporter window to the bottom of the screen. To get the remote back, you just have to drag the Transporter window up.