View Full Version : New (non UK) QNAP + Slimserver?

2006-08-24, 12:45
Hi all,

Just got a QNAP NAS... based on what i've seen in the forum, it seems that only the ones sold in the UK have the SlimServer software installed?

Is there anyway I can get SlimServer on my QNAP?


2006-08-24, 15:57
There is no known way to do this without going through Progressive AV. It's been said before, but Paul has hinted that there may be an update the would allow anyone to install SS on a TS-101, but there has been no mention of this for some time now.

2006-08-25, 09:49
End of September for the self install - wife having babies has sort of got in the way (and no she hasn't had it yet, any day now though).


2006-08-26, 03:34
Good to know Paul.

Hope everything goes well with the family, oh and congratulations too :)

2006-08-26, 11:17
Congratulations on the new arrivals Paul! Here's looking forward to the September arrivals too ... ;)

2006-08-29, 12:59
Congrat Paul. A baby is coming! how exciting! I hope you will be able to meet the sep timeline then... babies, always make hings a lot more complex...

like i emailed you before, if you need someone to beta test the self install for you, i am here standing by!