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2006-08-24, 11:28
Hi rde_w

I installed my slimplayer in the bathroom and put all the wiring into the wall and in the attic space for the ceiling speakers.

I created a template here, which may help or not :)

Good Luck

2006-08-24, 11:29
I'm planning to extend my music netowrk into my bathroom, and want to use a
slimserver based device. I say it that way as I have slimp3,squeezebox2 and
squeezebox3 devices. Currently I have one spare slimp3 but could move things
around to free one of the others.

UK regulations mean I cant have 240v in bathroom, only low voltage, so I'm
planning to have power sockets in roof void above bathroom. In void will also
be power supply for slim, amp and cabling for waterproof speakers. What I want
to do is have the slim hang through the ceiling in like a little plastic pod to
protect it from damp. The low voltage cable and audio cables neatly to go thru
ceiling into void. I dont want to have to get out of bath to change tracks, vol
etc so site needs to be in bathroom.

What I cant find is something waterproof, little clear plastic/PVC box to house
the device. Can anybody help, any suggestions welcome, but I've spent weeks
working on the bathroom so it needs to look good.

Many thanks in advance, robin (pictures available if I ever get it done).

2006-08-24, 11:35
How damp does it get? I have a Bose wave radio, in-ceiling speakers and a wall-mounted whole-house stereo controller in my bathroom. None are specially made for damp applications and all have worked fine for years. I have read posts here about people putting water-resistant and waterproof speakers in their bathrooms, but I think in most cases that's overkill. I would have no qualms about mounting an unprotected SB near the ceiling of my bathroom, unless you expect water spray to hit it. Sure, there are times when the humidity is high, but usually they are brief.