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2006-08-24, 06:46
Hi folks

I've just successfully set up my SlimServer for access over the internet, and I'm now happily listening to my entire collection at work, or wherever I decide I feel like listening to it. And this forum has been a WEALTH of information, so thank you to everyone who helped others out -- you helped me too ;)

I'm proxied at work , so my only option is to use the stream.mp3 interface through Winamp (or other stream player) -- no SoftSqueeze. Is there a way to tweak the stream so that it plays back gapless at Winamp's end? I went to the trouble to rip all of my albums in OGG for gapless support (disk space is at a premium, otherwise I would have used FLAC), and they play back perfectly gapless at home on my Squeezebox, but I get a little blip of silence at work through stream.mp3. Given that Winamp just receives a continuous stream, is it possible for Slimserver to create gapless transitions?

I am currently streaming the MP3 stream using Lame quality level 9 and bitrate limiting to 192 kBps. Sounds pretty good on my crappy work computer speakers.

2006-08-25, 18:21
You may want to try setting up your SlimServer box to use SSH.

There's a good tutorial here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?ConnectingRemotely

If you want to use OPENSSH, there's a good set of instructions here: http://bmonday.com/articles/653.aspx

Not only does SSH greatly increase security, it also bypasses most corporate proxy servers. I've been able to bypass the proxy server at work using SoftSqueeze, and it works great. I'm even able to access the web UI, since it looks like SoftSqueeze does some port forwarding behind the scenes. Just connect to http://localhost:9000 once you have SoftSqueeze connected, and you are all set.

2006-08-26, 00:33
I've been streaming from home to work for almost two years now and this is the setup what suit me best.

Softsqueeze with Excession skin.

Server converts from flac to 192kbs mp3.

Secure connection and easy setup with Hamachi http://www.hamachi.cc.
No ports need to be open on the firewall.

There is instructions how to set up hamachi as a service (on the Slimserver box) both for windows and linux on the hamachi forum.

I have tried ssh and hamachi on both linux and windows and hamachi on windows works best for me as I don't have a dedicated server.

With a dedicated server linux and hamachi would be my choise.