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2006-08-23, 05:14
Accessing slimserver through firefox or explorer is painfully slow. I need help.

my specs:

1T Readynas NV running latest build of Raidiator
Gigabit wired eithernet to the ReadyNas
5k songs many in Flac

The situation:
Browsing the HTML interface takes about 3-8 seconds per button click!

How can I get my Slimserver to run at speeds that would allow me to browse my music collection at a non-painfully slow way?

2006-08-30, 06:09
Try Moose - http://www.rusticrhino.com/drlovegrove/
It's a windows client that is far quicker than the web interface as it accesses the slimserver DB directly.

The Infrant Forums are quite a good source of ReadyNAS info: http://www.infrant.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=22

2006-12-02, 17:19
I agree with you completely. Getting the new NAS NV+ and two more SB's to go with the one I had was a huge step forward for me. A central media server that utilized RAID 5 and woudld work over my wireless G network was what I was looking for. This bundle is fantastic to date but the speed of communication using Safari is a complete surprise, sloooooow. I can't believe I bought the world's greatest newtork media solution and stepped back 8 years in terms of network commuication speed to a server.

2006-12-02, 17:29
By the way innovation, your news, while mildly interesting, does nothing to address the problem of addressing the Slimserver on an NAS NV+ from a MACINTOSH.

I would appreciate anyone offering usable advice to Mac users. The NV+ is supposed to offer major enhancements for use with the Mac.

Using either the FrontView or the SlimServer interface is painfully slow on the Mac.

My info:
I have a 2 GB MBP, my partner has a 2 GM PB G4.
We use a Linksys Wireless G Router.

2006-12-03, 21:05
Slimserver web performance will improve once you're running it on a computer with decent specs. That precludes running it on the NAS device itself.

It would be nice to have a one-box solution, but that's not possible unless that box is a decent PC/Mac.

2006-12-04, 16:14
It was too slow for me. Look at my little poll I started here: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=29560

Of the repsondants to date, 10 are running SS on their ReadyNAS and two have moved it to a pc. I was one of those who WAS running it on the ReadyNAS but last week moved it to a fast P4 pc and am now a VERY happy camper! see my comments on the above link

2006-12-12, 06:00
One thing to try is to stop the std MySQL from running as Slimserver uses its own instance. The script to start it up is in /opt/etc/init.d.

I did this, and my Slug is now quite usable. However, I only have about 60 albums on there right now.