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2003-12-03, 11:32

Thanks very much sport!!!



dean blackketter <dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com> wrote:
Hi Richard,

On Dec 3, 2003, at 9:35 AM, richard coe wrote:
> - anyone know if there are any options to turn off the automatic
> rescan when server starts up? does slim mp3 even store it's last scan
> anywhere?
Not currently, but this feature will be added in the next release.

> - another problem in day to day use is that if you want to add some
> new music it's another rescan again!!! be nice to have an add new
> music option to an existing scan maybe put it in a dedicated folder or
> something?? Sort of look at my new super system - sorry it's scanning
> we'll just have a chat for a while before it gets round to scanning
> what we just loaded on to the hard drive...
If you browse to the folder that contains the new music and play that,
it will just scan that folder.

> - Is slim server starting faster or running better under linux than xp
> ? I'd thought maybe it would - If that's a yes is it a significant
> improvement - xp seems to work okay'ish - do I need to be hugely
> experienced with linux to get it set up??
My experience is that Linux is more stable and faster than XP while
running the SlimServer.

> - Is there any plateau with the hardware beyond which I'd just be
> wasting money and not getting better performance on this scan bit?
The issue is mostly about disk performance, then memory, then finally
CPU speed. Your setup should run your music library comfortably.