View Full Version : quick artwork tag question

2006-08-22, 11:16
the way i maintain artwork is to let WiMP get it for me while i rip with EAC, as i've talked about in other threads, this works quite well.

however, i have friends who use MusicMatch and other programs (itunes as well i think?) that apparently ignore Album art unless its in the individual mp3 tag itself.

so first, is that true? will MusicMatch only look for album art in the tag?

and secondly, does anyone know of a program that will take existing artwork in a folder, and insert it into the tags of the mp3s in that folder? something automated would be best of course.

thats slightly different than going to the net to get it, and trying to make a match. nearly 95% of my folders have the right artwork i'd gather.... and i'd rather any process like this just start there, then interact with me about what it thinks is right based on internet resources.

thx, -mdw