View Full Version : Advise on scanning and music management

2006-08-22, 03:29

I have been using iTunes to manage music folders as well as converting CD's to Apple lossless. This was working fine with Slimserver for many months now.

Last night I imported a new CD, did a re-scan and Slimserver turned up it's toes and the process ended. In Windows event viewer the standard 'Perl interpreter' error message was there.

After some digging and experimenting I have found that quite a lot of music files cause problems to Slimserver that didn't previously. Some of these files are corrupted downloads from P2P so I can udnerstand the problem.
What I don't understand is why Slimserver chose yesterday to have a problem.

I am using 6.3.1 and have been since the previous version told me there was a newer version.

I am considering getting rid of using iTunes for management and just use it for ripping.

I am interested in any opinions or experiences...... I have no particular need to stick with iTunes (although I might as well stick to Apple lossless rtaher than WMA lossless as I have already done a load and if I do get an iPod the WMA is useless) and will consider any sensible suggestions.