View Full Version : The right way to make MP3s for the Slimserver???

Reckase, Erik Nathan
2003-12-03, 06:43
Well, it depends on your hearing, really. There's a lot of debate at
HydrogenAudio regarding transparent settings for mp3s, and to be honest,
there really aren't any. I suggest the following:

1. Use the latest version of LAME (3.90.3) when encoding, and do it
directly in EAC instead of ripping to wave files and then encoding using
WinLAME. Your tagging will be much easier to deal with that way. If you
need to re-tag your old files, try MP3 Tag Studio - it's free (adware, but
minor) and works very well.

2. As far as bitrate for the mp3s, make sure you're using a variable
bitrate setting, as those tend to give better results (filesize-wize) while
still providing good compression in easy-to-encode music segments. ALWAYS
use the --alt-preset settings for encoding, as those have been tuned much
more rigorously than other settings. Here's a link to the recommended
encoder settings for LAME:



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