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2006-08-20, 21:25
HI guys, I've done all the usual searches of the forums and the bugs and can't find any reference to my problem so I'm hoping that someone can help.

I keep my artwork for flac files in the album folder and each cover is called "folder.jpg". Nothing unusual there. My MP3 artwork is embedded in the tags. My MP3 artwork displays fine but my flac artwork is a mess. Much of the artwork shows just half the cover (for both thumbnails and covers). The point at where the cover cuts off seems to have no rhyme or reason. For example Beatles red album shows 3/4 of the cover but the blue album shows only half (for info, the top half is always shown but it cuts off part way down the picture). And for some albums, the artwork displays fine.

The jpg files appear OK in photoshop etc and are quite small (generally around 25k). I am running the current v6.3 with a library of about 600 albums and 7500 songs.

I have tried clearing and running a complete rescan...I have tried updating to the latest 6.5b...I have done a complete uninstall and manually deleted any leftover files and followed by a reinstall and the results are the same. I can't see any unusual tag fields for the files. Has anyone got any thoughts on what's happening?



2006-08-22, 12:23
i don't have any flac files, but i find this very interesting...

i keep my artwork for my mp3s in the folder, not the tag, and now that i've learned how to do it right in SS, it works fine.

i was going to suggest clear and rescan, but apparently, u did that already.

try making some mp3s, don't put the art in their tags, but DO put the art in the folder with the mp3s.

if they all work, perhaps art in flac folders is occassionally problematic sometimes... and at that point, i would be mystified.

2006-08-25, 03:35
I finally worked this out. I recently used musicbrainz to tag some files and in some cases an obscure coverart reference was added. The result was the messed up cover art. I also had to clear Firefox's cache to make sure that the proper coverart loaded.

Anyway, it's all working again so it's all good.

Thanks Mr Sinatra for the input.