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2006-08-20, 05:26
I have some compilation albums (magazine cover discs) for which the songs are tagged with the individual artist and title but the album name is that of the compilation.

When I browse by album they show up as x different albums of the same name each with just one song.

Is there a setting (or tags) that I can use to group them together without grouping all the "greatest hits" and "best ofs" into one big lump?

2006-08-20, 05:48
I don't know what SlimServer version you are using but.....
You need to set "Group Compilation Albums Together" in Server Settings/Behaviour/Compilations to get one album listed with all the tracks by different artists listed in it.
If you have albums with the same title (i.e. Greatest Hits) I'm not too sure what will happen to these (I've found it inconvenient to use albums titles such as "Greatest Hits" and always include the artists name in the album tag as well as the title).
if you are on 6.3.* you may have to make a tag called COMPILATION and set the value to 1 for all your compiltaion albums if you still get various artists vagaries.
There are quite a few recent threads about this oddity.

2006-08-20, 09:05
The COMPILATION tag seems to have sorted it.