View Full Version : Using Logitech 'media' keyboards with SB

2006-08-19, 05:02
I've been looking into how I could control the Squeezebox using the media keys on my Logitech keyboard (S 510). Many of these keyboards have keys to do start, stop, pause, forward, back, volume, etc, but Logitech's software (e.g. SetPoint) tie them to known media players like Windows Media Player and you can't reconfigure them.

First thing I thought was maybe I could develop an app that acts like a media player and hopefully Logitech use standard commands that all media players react to.

However doing some more digging I came across a tool that modifies Logitech's SetPoint software to allow you to configure a lot more buttons than the defaults including the media buttons.


It looks like you can assign the media keys to various things including keystrokes, web sites and launching applications. I was thinking of either getting it to drive a windows app that talks to slimserver or to just call CLI commands or maybe even just URLs (though I suspect to do the URLs it will launch a browser first).

I've yet to play about with it, but I'll post back if I get it working.

Edit: Ah, I've just seen WinSlim in the plugins which works with media keys. However it doesn't work with SetPoint though. I've mentioned the possibility of modifying player.ini in SetPoint to support WinSlim in this (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=18850&page=6) thread, which is kind of my first idea (i.e. a media app that SetPoint will recognise that controls slimserver).