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2006-08-18, 13:31
After about one week of learning about and enjoying my new SB, suddenly I am no longer able to play ANY internet radio stations. Overnight, that part of the system quit on me. Every station that I now try to play gives the same message: "PROBLEM: CAN'T OPEN FILE FOR". The name of the stream scrolls past on the display, but hitting "play" just produces the error message. No problems at all with the music on my disk.

The odd thing is that radio works fine via Squeezenetwork, RealPlayer, and the various standalone players that individual stations provide.

Can someone please help? Is there a debug flag that I can turn on to understand what is going on? Is there something peculiar about the way Slimserver asks for files/data, versus the way Squeezenetwork does it? I suspect the problem is linked to my ISP, but I have to be able to say something intelligent to them if I am going to complain. I live in Paris, France, and my ISP is "noos". I'm running Windows XP on a Sony Vaio laptop. My WiFi modem is WEP protected, but there is no firewall.

Many thanks for any help.


2006-08-19, 22:49
This is the result of unchecking "mp3" in Server Settings > File Types.

Folks - don't do this!

2006-08-19, 22:54
Ah, doing a little trial and error, are we?

Glad you found the problem yourself, and now everyone can learn from your mistake.

Well done! :D