View Full Version : Problem Streaming Some Internet Radio to Winamp

2006-08-18, 13:02

OK, I have Slimserver driving a Squeezebox and streaming to Winamp. [BTW, this Winamp is actually on the same physical machine as the Slimserver, rather than actually 'remote']. Almost everything works like a dream.

Slimserver can send anything on my HDD to either Sqeezebox or Winamp, and both players behave perfectly. I can of course send the exact same data to both players from Slimserver, or different data.

Slimserver can also push almost all Internet Radio to the two players; again, either the same radio station, or two different ones.

Now, I have the AlienBBC plug-in, and it's utterly brilliant (as we expat Brits say....). It pushes data to Sqeezebox perfectly. But, whatever I do, I can't get Slimserver to push AlienBBC's radio channels to Winamp. When I try I get two strange symptoms:

a) the PLAY button on the right pane of Slimserver does nothing, and I just get "Stopped: Radio 3" in the pane below (Radio 3 is the name of the channel; but none of the other BBC channels works either).

b) Winamp displays "BBC Radio 3 (Welcome to Slimserver)", but won't actually play the stream. It flashes what looks like a "Buffer 0%" message too.

NB, simultaneously I can have "BBC Radio 3", or whatever, playing perfectly on the Squeezebox.

I've tried various LAME levels and Bitrates for the Winamp Player in Slimserver SERVER SETTINGS. But still zip.

As I say, the problem seems only to be with a) BBC Radio Channels, and b) via Winamp.

Any thoughts?