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Mark Lanctot
2006-08-17, 15:17
I saw this link several years ago and I've been thinking of it ever since:


It's an IR-RF converter, but the weird thing about it is that it's housed in a battery-shaped object you install into the battery compartment of the IR remote. It contains a small battery of its own so you maintain the proper voltage. Here's the magic part:

Instead of actually converting the IR signals through an external box or device that would have to strap to the front of the remote, this system embeds a tiny RF transmitter into the battery compartment which "listens" to the remote control's internal RF commands. All remote controls send out low level RF commands when they are used. The Remote Control Extender picks these up at close range, interprets them, and transmits them to the base station for rebroadcast as IR commands.

:-O One of those sounds-too-good-to-be-true things. Ordinarily I'd discard such claims but the review is from Audioholics - they are very well-respected and are definitely not a fly-by-night outfit.

I have no use for such a device (yet!) but I just wanted to put it out there as a suggestion. Has anyone tried it?

BTW it does come with an AAA version for use with the Squeezebox remote. It's not that expensive either.

2006-08-17, 16:05
It's sold in a reputable shop here in town and has gotten good reviews here as well, but I still don't know anybody using it.