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Reckase, Erik Nathan
2003-12-02, 09:58
You can add stuff to your @INC variable by using this syntax (I think,
depending on your Perl)

perl -I<path to Slim::Buttons::Common> slimserver.pl


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Hi all,

I just took the plunge and upgraded my SliMP3 server to SlimServer 5. I got
the updated "Forecaster" plug-in (a household favorite) from the developer's
site and put it into the "Plug-Ins" folder.

Now, when I try to execute it, I get the following error:
Can't locate Slim/Buttons/Common.pm in @INC (@INC contains: c:/Perl/lib
c:/Perl/site/lib .) at forecaster.pm line 58.

The line in question is "use Slim::Buttons::Common;". I've looked at my
Server folder, and there is a structure for Slim/Buttons/Common.pm. It
appears that my Perl installation does not have the Slim folder as part of
its includes...how/where can I add this??