View Full Version : Network seems bogged down.

Dean Wyler
2006-08-16, 18:46
I'm getting many many drop outs. Sometimes the wireless network doesn't really work at all.... It won't make it through even one song most of the time.
I've got 35000 songs on a TeraStation with a robust (1 year old) lap top.
Wireless network with 3 slim servers going to various amps throughout the house for whole house audio.
Im using FLAC files
I'm using Music Magic Mixer (by Preixes/IP) to make mixes with the music.
I'm pretty much at a point where the system isn't working and I'm not sure where to start to optimize. The problem may have gotten worse with time?

I've tried to limit the syncronization. Didn't help.
I read that FLAC files could be causing some problems as they need to be decoded?

Possible places to start exploring??

2006-08-16, 21:15
This is a forum regarding SqueezeNetwork, an alternative, non-PC solution that utilizes Slim Devices external server.

It appears that you are having issues on your PC or home network.

2006-08-16, 21:25
Is your laptop also wireless?

If so, you will almost certainly have problems. The data has to go a total of three times across your wireless network:

1) from the NAS to your laptop, via the access point
2) from your laptop to the access point
3) from the access point to the Squeezebox

For Flac files that is pretty intensive