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2006-08-16, 16:19
Hi All,
Simply loving my Squeezebox paired with Rhapsody. Nothing like almost instant access to any album or song in their catalog. However, as I am moving out to the sticks with no broadband access I was looking for some good FLAC download sites to fill my hard drive before moving. I came across www.livedownloads.com which has many albums and concerts available in FLAC format. They're partnered with www.nugs.com which has many totally free soundboard recordings of concerts in mp3 format from the likes of Phish, Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Tragically Hip etc. If you're looking for something new in the rock/blues genre check out the 3 albums available at livedownloads by the Seth Yacovone Band. Seth hails from Burlington, VT and was a guitar prodigy from a very young age. Try the album "Dannemora" first. It'll be the best $10.00 you ever spent.

2006-08-26, 05:00
While you still have highspeed access, check out http://www.archive.org/index.php . And if you have highspeed and bit torrent capability, good sites are http://bt.etree.org/index.php and http://www.dimeadozen.org/index.php . The last one, dimeadozen, requires registration but is free and currently open, I believe.

These sites handle only taping friendly performers, the downloads are legit.

2006-08-26, 08:16
Wow, Thanks for the advice Thump. The Internet Archive even has some VBR M3U playlist links and downloads for the aforementioned Seth Yacovone Band. If anyone would like to give this band a listen they can be found at...


The Seth Yacovone Band Live at Mountain View Jam on 2004-05-15 (May 15, 2004) seems to be the most popular download at the moment and can be found here...


Good set list and decent sound. If rock/blues/funk is your kind of music this band is not to be missed. Enjoy!!

2006-10-05, 06:11
For pay services and obviously if you like the band, Metallica's live site is quite good and supports FLAC, I think Pearl Jam are also doing the same :)

2006-10-05, 09:38
And King Crimson "bootlegs" are available for a fee at dgmlive.com. (Most are soundboard recordings, some are audience tapes that have been returned to the band.)

There are mp3 samples of most of them, and a free mp3 download teaser that changes every few days.

2006-10-17, 17:31