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2006-08-16, 05:39
Nice pics and surprisingly informed technical piece:


Last comment in the article is:

"Stylish looks and audiophile sound quality - and it's not even finished yet..."


2006-08-16, 06:08
Shame about the diddy who commented that it can't be high end because it uses compressed files ...

2006-08-16, 06:12
Just saw this and read through it - very positive. I thought it made the point quite clearly that the benefits would be for music stored in lossless formats, which makes it somewhat frustrating when the first comment posted on the Register site stated "But no matter how good they make it, the idea is fundamentally flawed. How can you expect hi-end sound from compressed audio formats ?"

Makes you wonder why people bother sometimes...

From the photos of the internals I would say that there is an awful lot of gubbins in there.


Mark Lanctot
2006-08-16, 07:17
From the photos of the internals I would say that there is an awful lot of gubbins in there.

Yeah the motherboard takes up the entire width of the device.

That power supply looks good - I'm trying to identify the blue cylindrical objects with fins. They look like transformers? I've never seen ones like that though. Note the printing on the circuit board - "SLIM DEVICES Shocker V2" :-)

Who's that leaning over the unit in this photo?


Hard to tell from the back - Dean maybe?

What's interesting about the article is that, despite another one of the brainless comments at the bottom of the review, the reviewer has actually listened to it.

P.S. Got the same "it uses compressed music files" from an acquaintance at AVS Forum. There's definitely misinformation and a stigma out there.

2006-08-16, 07:31
looking good! cant wait!

2006-08-16, 08:34
On 16-Aug-06, at 7:17 AM, Mark Lanctot wrote:

> Hard to tell from the back - Dean maybe?
off by one letter.

2006-08-16, 15:45
What surprised me is that I know the author in Real Life (tm) which makes the internet feel really small. I'm just chatting to him on MSN now.