View Full Version : Inconsistent Library Stats

2006-08-16, 04:13
Hello All, whilst running some performance comparisons between a ReadyNas and a Linux Fedora box I noticed a difference between the library stats reported on SS running on the ReadyNas, and, SS running on the Linux box. On the ReadyNas the stats are: 250 albums,3212 songs, by 136 artists, on the Linux box which is referencing data on the ReadyNas the stats are 250 albums,3210 songs, by 136 artists ! any idea where the extra two songs are coming from ?


Deaf Cat
2006-08-16, 08:04
May I, also put some statistics forward:
I'm on 6.3.1
Just re-scanned after inital re-install,
got 257 albums, 7862 songs !!!! (I wish), 204 artists
cleared and scanned again:
got 257 albums, 3580 songs (more like it), 162 artists,

Now, I don't agree with the artists list, as I have not got many albums by the same person, and quite a lot are various artist cd's.
I'can't seem to get results by performing a search for, say an artist that only exists on the various artist cd's, as they apparently don't exist....??

Maybe I've just caught the statistics bug a bit more...??