View Full Version : Slimserver 6.5 vs. Foobar2000

2006-08-15, 21:46
I am torn between a Transporter and a PC with an M-Audio soundcard to play my music. I am leaning toward the PC because then I can use Foobar as the interface. I am a classical music listener with some non-standard tags and Foobar lets me organize my collection the way I want. The big unknown for me is Slimserver 6.5. Will it be more "Foobaresque" than 6.3? By that I mean will it recognize my non-standard tags and let me easily configure the way I want to browse my library?


2006-08-15, 23:42
I am a classical music listener as well.
SB is the way to go (you are at the SD forum, what do you expect! =) ). PC is noisy (literally and interference wise). I HAD a PC with a M Audio card. I have not used the PC since I got the SB3.

2006-08-16, 17:07
Don't get me wrong I love my SB2 but not the interface. I was just curious if 6.5 would resolve some of my issues...speed, non-standard tags, etc.

Any comments from those who have ventured to use 6.5 beta?