View Full Version : Slim Server 6.3.1

2006-08-15, 20:52
Just installed 6.3.1 on Server 2003.
Now music seems to cut out more that before with the previous version install (6.2.3 - I think).
I notice the dead air espically when I have locked the concole.
While I am logged on slim.exe has the highest CPUs.
The exe is running as the Local SYSTEM account.

So what changed in the code? Was there a change to how the exe threads?

I am using Slimp3 (firm 2.2) device as the player.
Did something change in the code with how the player and the server talk to each other?

Anyone have any ideas to offer to pin point the issue.

I really want get this resolved and also to help resolve the issue for anyone else that might be having problems also.


2006-08-15, 21:47
Are you playing back WMA files?

2006-08-16, 06:19
Are you playing back WMA files?

No all .mp3 files.