View Full Version : "Clear library and rescan" doesn't work (again, on a Mac)

2006-08-14, 23:25

I am using SS6.3 on a Mac. Since the upgrade, "clear library and rescan everything" doesn't work anymore. I was looking for the database file to remove it manually, but couldn't find it (I know that I was able to find it intuitively in the last versions of SlimServer -- was the location changed?)...

Thanks for any help and sorry if this has been asked before. I couldn't find the answer to my question when searching the forum...


2006-08-14, 23:31
That's because it's not in what I regard as the obvious place. That is, not in a subfolder of the main SlimServer folder. It is inside a SlimServer subfolder of your Caches folder (which is in your Library folder).

2006-08-16, 22:42
Thanks - that helped a lot!