View Full Version : End of songs being cut off

2006-08-13, 09:12
WMA Lossless. On many of my files (Classical music), when SB3 goes from Track 1 to 2, the end of track 1 gets chopped off! it's really driving me insane. No crossfade. Any idea? I listened to the files on WMP and it's fine.

2006-08-13, 09:22
Just a little extra info and follow up.
I converted the files to FLAC and there's no problem. No skipping/chopping off. Also, it seems to be only happening with the latest official release of Slim Server. I did not recalling having these problems until now. Is this a bug?

2006-08-29, 03:16
Hi Just to say you are not alone with this. I too have tracks being cut off before their end and the next track starting to play. Currently my music is in wma format at 320 vbr. I find that if I hit replay so that the track which ended prematurely is restarted it will then play through completely before the next track plays. I tend to select random play for my SB.