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Cerebus the Aardvark
2003-12-01, 12:57
The latest version of LAME, 3.90.3 I believe, writes a special tag to the
mp3 file that indicates exactly how many samples of audio there are. mp3 is
not natively gapless, however, the number of samples could effectively allow
the server/client to play it back gaplessly if it knows how to interpret
that value (foobar2000, a freeware audio player for windows, is the only
soft. that currently handles that tag). Perhaps this could be added to the
desired features list?

So FLAC has gapless playback. How about Ogg Vorbis? That's a natively
gapless format. IIRC, AAC is not natively gapless, but has the same sort of
header information defining the number of samples in the file, so I'm
curious about AAC gaplessness in slimserver as well.


> > -How does the unit handle gaps between songs? Is it possible to have a
> > gap between songs or to fade the songs into each other? This becomes
> > particularly important with mix cds.
>There is no way currently to crossfade. FLAC formats support gapless
> MP3's can be made totally gapless by ripping the entire CD as one track,
>using a CUE sheet to tell the server where the breaks are.