View Full Version : Windows cannot find 'SlimServer Web Interface.url"

2006-08-12, 03:53
I've been using SS without incident for a year. Recently, I believe upon download of the latest stable version of SS (6.3.1), it runs perfectly until I re-boot my computer. When the computer is up after the re-boot, I try to open up the web interface of SS and get this message: "Windows cannot find 'SlimServer Web Interface.url' Make sure you typed the name correctly...."

If I reinstall SS it works nicely until the next re-boot.

Can anyone help?

Love SlimServer and Squeezebox...but this is putting a cramp in my access to my music!

2006-08-13, 14:38
I've had this annoying popup for well over a year! Even though I've fully uninstalled all previous installations I still get this annoying message when I start SlimServer - even with the 6.5 nightlys. I think the popup message began appearing when the "built-in" browser component was dropped.

Short of a full OS re-install I've no idea how to get rid of it - suggestions welcome!