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Deaf Cat
2006-08-12, 00:35
Quick question how do I get artists to show when browsing albums, But have various artists show when the album contains 'various artists' I only seem to get great long lists of artists next to all the various artists lists??

6.2.2 at least some of the time behaved and gave various artists, can't manage it on 6.3.1.....

I have:
You can choose to have compilation albums appear together under "Various Artists" or have them appear under each artist in the compilation.

Group compilation albums together

Albums that contain songs that are tagged with a band may be listed under that band name or with the other artists for that album. The band tag is also known as TPE2 and may appear as the "album artist" in some software.

List albums by band

When compilation albums are grouped together, they appear under "Various Artists" by default. You can change that name below.


Show Artist with Albums
You may choose to show the artist when browsing by Albums. When enabled, the album' artist will be shown next to the album title.


I thought this bug was fixed, or is it me just being a bit daft.....

Look forward to hearing any pointers,

2006-08-12, 06:25
It works as expected for me (6.3.1) - the only difference I have in settings from you is that I have "list albums by all artists for that album" instead of "list albums by band". I only have the artist tag set in my files, no album artist or anything else. Try that and see what happens (you'll probably need to do a rescan).

Deaf Cat
2006-08-13, 13:07
Gave that a go and rescaned, still all the artists were listed behind the album title, great long lists instead of 'various artists'

Set it back to what I had, and scaned again, still the same....


2006-08-13, 13:09
Did you clear everything before rescan?

Deaf Cat
2006-08-14, 14:19
Yep !

I've just uninstalled and re-installed and that seems to have done the trick, back to nice length listings :)

Cheers for the tips!!