View Full Version : Asus Wi-fi router with 160GB, iTunes, Bittorrent

Pale Blue Ego
2006-08-11, 08:18
Looks interesting. I wonder if it could run slimserver?


Mark Lanctot
2006-08-11, 10:04
I know the DD-WRT creator has gotten DD-WRT to load on several ASUS router models.

If he can make a DD-WRT to work on this model you could install SlimServer on it.

2006-08-11, 10:17
For this range of products ASUS makes source available as it is GPL. There are also some 3rd party variants. The following forum is good for info on related products.

It is a MIPS based system so if the system has enough RAM and CPU power - there should be no problem.

However, it has been difficulty to get the Asus router products in some countries.

2006-08-11, 10:35
Basically it add an internal IDE interface and space for a disk


I know its not quite the same model (700g vs 700gE) but you get the idea