View Full Version : Asus WL-700g, built in 160g, itunes and bit-torrent

2006-08-11, 06:36
Check this one out, no prices as yet but it looks sweet. I hope someone can get slimserver running on this.


2006-08-11, 12:30
Very cool. People seem to be paying about $300 for it in Europe.

Here's some more detailed information on its hardware. They're working on getting it supported by OpenWrt. Does anyone here have one?


2006-08-11, 12:41
Why bother with openwrt or DDwrt - if you just want slimserver just install perl and slimserver. The system is relatively open unlike Linksys.

IIRC the ASUS routers with internal disks had poor performance as a file server compared to dedicated file servers.

2006-08-11, 12:48
The bit about openwrt was just to provide context for the link I included in my message. Has anyone installed slimserver on one?

2006-08-12, 15:53
THIS is what I have been waiting for! Now to see how much time it takes to install slimserver on one of these....

I think there will be quite a demand for this unit.

2006-08-15, 07:59
Anyone know if/when these will be available in the UK?


2006-08-23, 00:30
Any updates on this device? Anyone running SlimServer on this thing?

2006-08-25, 00:19
Looking at the number of views on this topic, I can imagine a lot of people are anxious for any results. Please update?

2006-09-18, 06:21
short bump

2006-09-21, 02:03
so has anybody managed to run slimserver on the Asus WL-700g until today?

2006-10-26, 00:18
I guess not huh?

2006-10-26, 01:01
The availability of the WL-700g seems to be spotty and AFAICT only micro-perl has been ported to ASUS WL series of routers.

The following Freecom FSG3 is similar but has better availability, doesn't require hacking to get to Linux and supports IPKG with many packages shared with NSLU2's Unslung.
I've got 6.3.1 and 6.5 working on the non Wireless version. Downside - it has a fan


2006-10-26, 02:32
What kind of ipkg package did you install to get your Squeezebox working with the FSG3??

2006-10-26, 02:56
I installed the development environment - this included perl.

I compiled the processor dependent modules on the FSG3. However some modules couldn't be compiled on the FSG3 (compiler crash) so I cross compiled those on a PC. Then built all the slimserver modules on thre FSG3.

I have created a tar file of the slimserver directory tree. Some FSG3 and NSLU2 users have used it to install slimserver 6.3.1.

I may create an ipkg for slimserver but I think it is unnecessary as an ordinary user should only need to install the perl ipkg and then untar my file.