View Full Version : Squeeze network Pending Activation

2006-08-09, 19:34

I received my new Swqueezebox this week, so I decided to create a Squeeze Network account, 3 days ago. Since then, if I log in with my account, it says :
Pending Activation - An email has been sent to XXXX@XXX.com with instructions on how to activate your SqueezeNetwork account. If it has been over 24 hours since you registered your account, please click on the Resend button below.

I tried about 20 times the "Resend button" in the last 3 days, but nothing.
Is the server down or something? Is someone have the same problem?
I tried with two other email addresses with still no success.

A new squeezebox owner eager to fully use it ;P .

2006-08-09, 19:36
Shoot an email to support@slimdevices.com, they can activate your account for you.

2006-08-10, 20:16
Thanks! They activated for me.