View Full Version : Logitech Wireless DJ Music System

2006-08-09, 13:51
Doesn't look like much competition, but we love looking over the fence, right?


Got me thinking that it would be cool if Slim released a standalone (Sonos style?) remote controller. I know that there are PDA and Nokia solutions, but a purpose built device with display and custom navigation controls would take some beating.


Mark Lanctot
2006-08-09, 14:45
The remote is neat, although I have a feeling I've seen a wheel like that in some sort of handheld device... ;-)

Doesn't use the audio port, which is nice.

But based on how my high-end (for their day) Logitech speakers sound, I don't think Logitech knows audio very well.

2006-08-09, 14:58
Hmmm .. got me thinking....the Sonos Zone Player and Controller are by themselves closed down linux boxes. If only someone could hack into them, they could be made to run slimserver (with their built in smb clients, it should allow any old NAS to be used as a standalone music server rather than being limited to using solutions from ReadyNAS, Buffalo, etc) and perhaps also enable slimserver/squeezebox control via the nice Sonos handheld controller.

Just a thought.


2006-08-10, 12:15
Using the Sonos remote with Slimserver would be very cool.

I read somewhere that a Sonos user would pass his remote around at parties so that his friends could add their selections to the (Sonos) playlist. Great idea - and obviously only works if the remote is utterly intuitive like the Sonos.


2006-08-10, 12:29
Whoa... just checked the Sonos site. $400 for a remote?!! I knew there was a reason I went the Slim route...