View Full Version : Help diagnosing long pauses on SlimP3/SlimServer 6.2.0

2006-08-09, 04:12
Hi there--

I've got a SlimServer 6.2.0 installed on Linux, connected to a wired and wireless network.

I've got an original SlimP3 connected to a network drop, and a wired Squeezebox connected to a wireless bridge.

When playing, the Squeezebox plays fine through the wireless connection.

However, the SlimP3, on a wired connection, suffers from long (5-10 sec) pauses. These are not "dropouts" as I've experienced them in the past, with "static" that then jumps ahead as if to keep up with the stream.

The interesting this is that, I just switched how the SlimP3 and Squeezebox were networked. That is, until this weekend, the Squeezebox was wired, and SlimP3 was hooked to the bridge. In that combo, the Squeezebox played flawlessly (on the wired jack) while the SlimP3 did suffer from that static that I described. I swapped them, thinking that the squeezebox could deal with the wireless issues better.

I do use the itunes plugin, and the audioscrobbler plugin. I just unchecked the audioscrobbler plugin based on some notes in the configuration file, and restarted slimserver; no joy. Any ideas on where to turn?