View Full Version : QNAP Status Error

2006-08-08, 08:05
Hello, for the first time in many months of error-free operation my 500gb Qnap was has stopped working. The front status lamp is flashing red indicating that bad blocks are found on hard disk?

Is there an easy way to fix this without having to take it apart?


2006-08-10, 05:21
Okay, I'll try a different tact. I now have said drive attached directly to my pc (xp). Whilst the drive shows up in the bios, device manager and computer management, there is no sign of it in windows explorer.

The drive doesnt appear to have a volume associated with it (e: etc.) which may be the problem?

When running computer management the drive shows up fine (as four partitions).

Obviously I don't want to make the situation worse, but is there an easy way to get this recognised? Right clicking does not alow the option to assign a drive letter or anything.

I've tried contacting Progressive but to no avail, would appreciate any ideas anyone has. Thanks


2006-08-10, 05:37

Sorry I have been out of the loop for a couple of days.

Email me your TS-101 MAC address and we can take it from there.


2006-08-10, 06:20
Thanks Paul. I have just sent it to you.