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2006-08-08, 04:09
can anyone tell me the power consumption of the 106 and 406 please ?

Also can the external USB HD be in FAT32 format ?

How noisy is the 406 / 106 ?


2006-08-08, 04:48
According to Synology, the external HD can be in EXT3 or FAT32 format. I don't know how large (and I want to know). Support for *reading* NTFS disks will come.

The HD compatibility list is rather short.

2006-08-08, 11:17
thanks for that tommy

I got a reply within a few hours of emailing synology !

the DS106 uses 17W whilst active
the CS406 uses 60W whilst active

2006-08-08, 11:23
Perhaps I'm asking too hard question, it takes them several days to answer me... ;) Or maybe you have found a better department to ask :)

17W is very good, plus something like that for each working drive and a bit less each for idle drives. Not only is it interesting for energy-consuming, always having a computer on in a room makes it warm.