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William Smithers
2006-08-06, 16:28
How to Construct a Playlist of Favorite Radio Stations

I am not a computer newbie, having used computers for more than 20 years. However, I have spent months trying to establish in SlimServer a Playlist of favorite radio stations. (I find the instructions included in SlimServer confusing and inadequate.)

For anyone in a similar situation, I include herewith step-by-step instructions for one way to do this, (I use as an example my list of Classical Radio Stations.)

1.)    If you do not currently have iTunes, download it free at: http://www.download-it-free.com/itunes/

2.)    If you do not have a clip storage program (I use ClipMate), find and download one.

3.)    In iTunes, click the “+” sign (lower left) to create and name a special Playlist; mine is “Classical Radio.”

4.)    In SlimServer, under “Settings” select “Server Settings.” Under “iTunes,” select “Use iTunes” (if this has not already been done), then click “Change.”

5.)    With your web browser, go to Radio Locator (http://www.radio-locator.com/). (This web site seems to limit the time you may spend there.)  Under “Find Internet streaming radio,” select “Choose a format,” and pick one; mine is “Classical”.

6.)    From the provided list, select the “i” [Information} icon in front of a radio station, On that station’s web site, select and copy the “Audio Feed.” (With ClipMate, highlight the address and click Control-C.) Repeat with each station you wish to include. (I have only tried feeds with ".pls" and  '.asx"  extensions.

7.)    In iTunes, select “Library” from the list on the left, click on “Advanced” (at the top) and select “Open stream.” Choose an audio-streaming URL selection from your clip storage program and enter it in the iTunes box; click “OK.”

8.)    iTunes will attempt to open the audio stream. Whether or not it succeeds, the name of the selected streaming file will be included at the top of the Library list with a loudspeaker icon in front of it. Whether or not the streaming file is actually playing, right click on the name of the file and select “Add to Playlist,” then click the name of your selected Playlist; mine is “Classical Radio.”

9.)    Repeat Step 8 for as many audio streaming files as you want to include.

10.)     If you wish to rename or add info to any of these files, right-click on file name, select “Get Info,” then the “Info” tab. Here you may rename the file and include other specified information.

11.)    Reboot your computer.

12.)    Call up SlimServer, select “Choose Play Lists” and select your chosen PlayList; mine appears as ‘iTunes: Classical Radio.”

13.)   Choose from your Playlist and enjoy!

2006-08-06, 16:58
Have you tried the MyPicks plugin. It was written because of the difficulty of creating lists and it provides a way to create & maintain radio lists wholly within slimserver (i.e. no editor) and so is applicable for all OSs - Windows, Mac and Linux.

2006-08-06, 22:06
You're doing it the hard way. These instructions are for SlimServer 6.3.1 without any additional plugins. This assumes the playlist does not exist yet. Granted this isn't the most straightforward procedure in the world, but it works.

1) Select the station you want so it is currently playing
2) On the right side, next to "The Current Playlist", choose "Save"
3) Choose a playlist name that doesn't currently exist
4) Click "Save" in the left pane. Now you have a playlist with one radio station. To add more stations to this playlist, do the following:
5) Go to ShoutCast or whatever service you're using (from within SlimServer)
6) Choose the radio station you want so it's displayed on the left.
7) Click its title. This shows the properties of the station. Select and copy the URL to the clipboard.
8) Choose "Home", "Browse Playlists" and select the one you just created.
9) Click "Edit". Paste in the URL into the URL field provided. In the "Title" field, enter some text to describe the station.
10) Click "Add", then "Done editing"
11) Repeat steps 5-10 for each station you want to add to this new playlist