View Full Version : SLIMP3 players keep stopping

2006-08-05, 10:53
SLIMP3 Firmware: v2.3
Server: v6.2.2
PC: P3, 800 MHz, 256MB

I have five SLIMP3 players (original, wired Ethernet) driving the source inputs to a whole house audio distribution system. The server is on a dedicated PC running Windows XP Pro (SP2). The PC and SLIMP3 players are all located in the same area and are connected to an 8 port Ethernet switch. Nothing else is on the switch other than the upstream link to the main switch which interconnects other devices in my house. It varies slightly, but at any given time there are typically around two dozen nodes active on the LAN. All nodes are set with static IP addresses. Slim.exe is running as a system service and the OS has been configured to optimize for background services. According to Task Manager, the service is using roughly 40% of the CPU cycles. Using Ethereal (software Ethernet sniffer) I verified that the traffic between the server PC and the five SLIMP3 players is isolated to the local switch; the only time there is any traffic on the uplink is when I use the web interface to the server on another PC.

The problem I'm having is that periodically the SLIMP3 players will stop. By this, I mean that looking at the display the SLIMP3 will say "Stopped" instead of "Now Playing..." and, looking at the server screen, the STOP indicator is highlighted. On the server, if I click on PLAY for each of the five players, they're off and running again - until the next time, which may be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I've looked at the logfile to see if there might be an indication of what went wrong, but the only entries have to do with an error trying to connect to "update.slimdevices.com:80" - this was during a time when I had the local switch disconnected from the upstream switch.

I have looked through the forums and Wiki but haven't found anything relevant - at least not with the search terms I was using. Anyone have any ideas where I can look to try and get more information about why things are stopping? Looking at the help screen for slim.exe I saw the flag --d_slimproto_v, which looks like it turns on verbose debugging information. Will this get logged in the logfile? At this point I'm looking for any ideas which might point me in the right direction.