View Full Version : Is it worth creating a bugzilla entry for this...?

2006-08-05, 01:53
Under the Moodlogic section in Server Settings, it says:

"SlimServer can use your MoodLogic program as source for title and genre information. Additionally you can generate instant mixes on genre, artist and song level. Check the box below to import your MoodLogic Library information."

It might sound like a dumb question, but is it possible to ignore Moodlogic title and genre information, yet still generate instant mixes?

I've found Moodlogic database to be pretty rubbish, and the tag info messes up my own otherwise quite tidy tags. I don't know exactly how ML works, and probably the case that SS requires totle/genre info to generate ML instant mixes.

But if possible, would be ace to keep instant mixes but ignore title and genre info.

So - possible? Or not...?