View Full Version : Parallel WiFi network connection does the trick! Mac Heavy ;)

2006-08-04, 17:54
I've been limping along on an old Apple Graphite Basestation. No "G" of course, and limited encryption options. It really pumps out around the house, but with two kids on WiFi, me and the Squeezebox the Squeezebox has been dropping the music more often than I liked.

Only one kid has a "G" Wifi card in their computer, and the other only has "B" access via a laptop and a desktop, all Mac of course ;) I had read that one "B" connection dumbs down the "G" network to "B". So I wanted to avoid that.

Also the old Graphite won't bridge to the Airport Express. Have to get an Airport Extreme/AE set-up for that.

To make a short story long, I'm now driving down "diamond lane" in my house by tasking the Squeezebox and my MacBookPro to the second "G" AE connection.

Try it you'll like it! If I get brave I'll drill a hardwired ethernet connection to the server which is a floor below the SB. I assume this would be even faster for the SB?