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2006-08-04, 09:32

I have set up RealPlayer for Linux on my Ubuntu Dapper box, and it's working.

How can I let SlimServer use it for RealAudio streaming ?

I do not want to install other players, or plugins.

thanks for your time,

Neil Sleightholm
2006-08-04, 09:49
I don't think you can. AlienBBC uses mplayer for realaudio streaming on Linux.


2006-08-04, 12:35
ok, but I've got the Real thing (no pun intended)... why should I need a fake?

2006-08-04, 13:18
RealPlayer will only play to an audio output. It doesn't provide any facilities to enable the audio stream to be fed into slimserver. This is also part of the licence you agreed to when you installed RealPlayer.

Mplayer will convert RealAudio into a WAV data stream which can fed into Slimserver.