View Full Version : Philips RC9800i

Neil Cameron
2006-08-04, 07:32
Anyone tried to use this with Slimserver? I was kind of hoping that the
Wi-Fi capability would mean I could replace my Pronto and also log on to the
Slimserver Web page - but it doesn't look like it from the specifications -


2006-08-04, 22:55

You should check out this forum to get familiar ANY remote... They have a ton of information, good guides, and a very active forum.

I just did a quick search, and ran into a topic that should answer your question... in short, it doesn't have wifi capability.

But you may want to just double check anyway. They have a dedicated forum for this particular remote.



2006-08-05, 05:51
The 9800i does have WiFi, but no we browser. It does have a UPnP
client, but it's a weak implementation. If you are used to browsing
your music with a Squeezebox, you'll be disappointed.

As a universal remote, I couldn't get halfway through the setup
before I gave up and went back to my Harmony 880, which is by far the
best remote I've ever used.


2006-08-09, 08:28
I also have been looking to find a remote that combines the regular home theater remote stuff with some type of visual browsing access to the Squeezebox. As far as I can tell there are really only two options:

1) PDA running Nevo imbedded
Pros: decent price point ($300), decent Slim functionality
Cons: Nevo is not that great of a remote software; zero integration, have to leave Nevo to open IE for Squeeze functions; questionable IR performance; in this case I would probably use the PDA for squeeze and pick up a Harmony 890 for HT stuff.

2) AMX or Creston touch panel
Pros: Great integration, big touchscreen,
Cons: Very expensive ($4,000-8,000), requires some level of dealer configuration

I am going to wait until a better option shows up. I have my eye on a couple of upcoming remotes that may do a better job.

SimpleRemote - Looks like it is going to have a little more web functionality than the RC9800i http://openpeak.com/simpleremote.php
Nokia 770 - If they ever add an IR transmitter